What is good about my apartment?

What is good about my apartment?

Do you want to take a look at my BATON ROUGE APARTMENT that I rented? It is an apartment living at its best. There are 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom apartments around me but I have chosen one with 2 beds because I have kids that are going to share one room. There is a management team which is responsible for making home a great place to live. After a long strenuous day at work, we are looking for some convenience, luxury and comfort. The apartments in which I live in offer me all that with an ease that is quite expected. The community is gated with a beautiful landscape.

There are all the amenities that anyone could desire. Though we are in a community within the city, we don’t need to go to the city for everything that we want. There is a fitness center that is open round the clock. Whenever you want to work out, you can just be off to the center. Whether it is mid night or mid afternoon, the facility would be available for you. This is done because everyone has different routines. Some people work in the day and some have night duties. The facilities thus become flexible for such people. Shed off a few pounds on weekends or jog around to increase your stamina; it can all be done at the fitness center in the apartments.

Besides a fitness center to keep you fit, some apartment complexes will have two swimming pools. These are often divided between kids and elders, families and singles or ladies and gents. There is also a tennis court and walking tracks in the landscape that surrounds the home. The purpose is simple. They want to give you a healthy lifestyle. Since there are no lawns to mow and no long walks to take, it would be better to charge the muscles this way. It is a good idea of a weekend and evening life. Get together with people and talk about your days. Let your kids play around you while you keep an eye on them without getting bored.

If you are looking for apartment homes that have fine dining and entertainment opportunities close by then the place where I live in is great. The dining experience is only a short distance away and coupled with entertainment and shopping opportunity, there is so much to do that time runs short. Like they say, “Live life to the fullest because it is too short.” You can live each day and each evening here because there is so much to do. All you need to do is work hard and earn and then show empathy to people around you. With a little fun and entertainment, a few feelings of charity and sympathy will only increase the contentment and peace of mind that you possess.

Equality in Gated Communities

If you take a look at my BATON ROUGE APARTMENT that I rented, you will see that it is not the only one of its kind. I live in a gated community like most of the apartment homes. Like many apartment homes, my apartment complex also has one bedroom, two bedrooms and three bedrooms available for rent. It depends on what a family is looking for and how many people are staying in one apartment. Of Course, the rent increases as the apartment size increases but the facilities for all the residents are the same. It is the same for everyone whether they pay higher rent or lower ones. Apartment living is like living in a huge family. With beautiful landscape surrounding my home, my apartments offer me all that I could ask for.

Because the management team is busy making the apartment homes a good place for you to live in, there a lot of facilities that are going to attract you. Though for people who don’t like sharing and tend t be private, apartment living is going to be hard, but it is not bad at all provided people show some empathy to each other. Poolside conversations and working out together in the fitness center is likely to generate a few friends for you. That is how apartment living is. It is like living in a huge community where people share many facilities. It is like a big family with smaller independent units.

What more could anyone want if all the facilities in a gated community are close by? There is even a lake that is stocked and surrounded by a paved trail that can be used for exercise and jogging. A couple of hours in the fitness center every week, good time in the swimming pool, a walk with the pet, few hours a week at the tennis court and then walking and exercising at this trail; which American resident at my apartment homes could complain of being overweight? The dieting can go away because the activity that is available in this place is more than enough to keep someone fit. The good part is that you can choose what you would like to do in order to remain fit.

Around the bedroom apartments also lie furnished studio apartments. They have all the facilities that other apartments have. The utilities are free; there is free cable, free Wi-Fi internet and no check on how much volume you have consumed! So you can enjoy your time whether you are inside or you are outside the home. The best part is that these facilities outside are available for everyone. There is no discrimination on the basis of paying more rent or less rent. If there is a difference then it lies inside the apartment. In the pool, everyone is the same! That is the best part about gate communities. Usually the caliber of people living within is also the same.

First class apartment living

First class apartment living

If you take a look at my BATON ROUGE APARTMENT that I rented, it is all that one could want from an apartment living. In this busy life if you get someone to take care of your homes facilities then it is a great blessing. At my apartment, I have a responsive management team that manages the apartments in the community. This team is continuously working to making the place more welcoming as we get back from work after a long day. There are many facilities available to the residents, and the comfort and luxury that we get can seldom be found. It is true that everything comes with money, the more rent you will pay the more facilities you are going to get.

Apartment living is a good way to live for those who tend to shy away from people. Since there will be people around you all the time, you are likely to start making conversations and friends. There is a community pool that is available for everyone in the community. People can have pool parties, and kids can play around in the water on weekends. The swimming gala is open for all residents. Jog and cycle in the fitness center to shed off a few pounds. Then get the water for some relaxing poolside talk. These facilities are likely to bring you closer. There is also always a risk of offending anyone, but that is how life is.

Apartment homes tend to remain close to nature because homes don’t have separate lawns and gardens. Therefore, it is often preferred to keep the surrounding areas green and clean. There are a park and a playground for kids. Sometimes, besides the pool inside the community, there are also artificial or real lakes near the apartments. Sometimes, communities are built along riversides to make living more beautiful. Besides man-made luxuries, there is also nature made things like cool air and freshwater that can be enjoyed. Kids can play in the ground while their parents keep an eye out on them. That is probably the best part for parents.

Sometimes the apartment homes will have one bedroom places for single persons or a couple that does not need a lot of space. There are other facilities that come with a studio apartment. The good thing about apartment living is that the facilities for everyone are the same. Inside the apartment, there will be the basic facilities of kitchens, dishwashers, microwave ovens, laundry systems and waste management centers. Outside, everyone can enjoy the pool, the tennis courts, the landscape, the parks, the playground, the fitness center and the lake. Apartment complexes also have a medical center sometimes that also responds to emergencies. All through the day and night, should any emergency occur, the medical center staff will attend to it, and the patient will then be transported to a hospital.

Why I rented an apartment in Baton Rouge?

Why I rented an apartment in Baton Rouge?

Would you like to take a look at Baton Rouge apartment that I rented? It is a great place to live in but still I chose to rent and not buy it. For many reasons, it is better to live in rented apartments than to buy a home or an apartment. Rents are easier and much lesser than mortgage payments. Generally, no one has that kind of saving if they are the middle class income people that they buy a home or an apartment in one go. There are always installments and monthly payments to make. Rentals are preferred by many people over mortgage installments. Also if there is an issue in the rented home, I can just move away whenever I want to.

There are many facilities available for the residents of the apartments. Whether they live in a larger apartment or a smaller one, the facilities for everyone are the same; everyone can enjoy the same luxury. For example there is a fitness center that is open 24 hours a day. If you want to work out at 6 am in the morning, you will find the place welcoming you for some pushups and body building.

Jog around and cycle to energize yourself for the coming day. There are also other facilities like a pool. If you care for a day at the pool after exercising, then you are welcomed by the management.

Some apartment homes will also have tennis courts for some sports. Though, the American pastime in Baseball, usually the space inside gated communities does not allow such sporting activities. It is a good way to stay healthy and fit by visiting the fitness center, playing tennis at the courts and enjoying a pool bath in the end. With some drinks to sip away the pool side, and casual talk with the neighbor, you are likely to enjoy the evening and the weekend at the apartment homes. There are many families around me so sometimes both the pools within the communities are used by people.

Gated communities don’t mean to lock you in. Their purpose is not to keep you within the confinements of the building; rather the purpose is to facilitate you. If you live in a place that is close to the center of the city then it is an extra benefit for you. A few minutes drive is not of much concern in the lifestyle that we people in the US have. Fine dining opportunity and exquisite shopping centers are close by. There are also entertainment opportunities in the city which are only a few minutes away. You can drive to these places for more fun and excitement.

Individual studio apartments are usually furnished with many free facilities like Wi-Fi, free cable, utilities and others. There are also things like microwaves, dishwashers and waste management systems that are installed within.